Who knew that the radical right wing which once said,”Get out of our bedrooms, we want privacy, we want freedom, we want government out of our lives” would now say instead, “We want women to go back to the 40’s, when we were in control of women’s minds and they had to ask permission to use birth control, and even had to ask to have an orgasm.” In Virgina they want to require trans vaginal probes before an abortion.

This isn’t like bobbing for apples.

What’s next?

Yes, you’ve got it… the right to vote!

See what happens when you give women the right to vote. They become the largest voting block in the United States. They do things like think about the candidate. Is he a good person? Is he educated? Is he honest, does he have affairs?  Does he wear a condom? They want to know if the candidate knows that we have dropped to 12th in the world for college graduates, when just 12 short years ago, we were first. Yeah, that’s the kind of stuff that women think about.

Know what’s next? … Think about it. Think about the “good old days” … when people of color were begging for jobs and walking on the other side of the street? No mixing of races. And according to some GOP, black people were happier being slaves … supposedly Native American’s liked being mocked as cartoons characters. Native women liked being called “squaws.” Oh, those were the days. Yeah, and I was taller then and didn’t need Viagra.



A mormon President? So whats the big deal?

by Larry Ramirez on October 11, 2011

Why Being Mormon Matters If You Want To Be President of the United States

If you read Mormon literature, Jesus is portrayed as white with blue eyes, but not because he’s a metaphor with deeper meaning but because mormons really believe that Jesus was white. The Mormon faith was founded by a guy who would get drunk and reveal his golden tablets that only he could see. (Sound familiar, Moses?)  In the book, The 17th Wife, Joseph Smith’s wife reveals his habits, beliefs and what he was really like. For instance he saw people of color, mostly Native Americans as  “marked people, filthy loathsome people cast out to live with the beasts.” (This was actually in the Mormon Bible.)

The Mormon Bible also uses the words “white someness and delight someness” to describe what people of color have lost and can only gain back by becoming Mormon. If they convert to the Mormon faith and they are obedient and loyal, their skin will turn white and of course, only white people can go to heaven. White-skinned Mormons can gain favor if they take brown-skinned children and teach them Mormonism so they too can become white.

There is a mind-blowing article that was written in the 1980’s about two black football players who both got scholarships to BYU. They were thrilled to have scholarships, but found themselves having to take a class on being Mormon. To their shock, the professor told the class that only white people go to heaven. It was a long year for them. But even blacks have a place in the Mormon religion. If they served the faith, they could enter the bottom floor of the three tier heaven.( Frank Deford wrote the article in about 1980 in the National Sports Daily.)


2012 ” Are the Mexicans Right? ” Do the Mayan have the secret of the universe?

September 1, 2011

Many people have asked me about the secrets of the Mayan Codex’s. This is my take on it. With all belief systems they influence the culture and daily life. They are grounded in the way they see the world and the unseen. They were great observers of the Cosmic. They understood that life was part […]

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The Social Republican Agenda: Oh, My God, We Are Going to Be in the Minority

August 13, 2011

For a long time it’s been known that soon brown people would be in the majority in the west and even grow stronger  in the east. At one time, this  was looked at as, “What a Country.”  We were great. We allowed people of mixed race and blacks to get educated and even run things. […]

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Well, Do You Believe me now, The New Republican Racism is real.

March 6, 2011

There was a time when racism prevented people of  color  from voting or going to school. But now, racism includes the inability to see a person of color as an authority figure. It’s so clear. Huckabee pushes the agenda that our president, who is of mixed race descent, is not an American. He demonizes the […]

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Words! What’s In a Word?

January 12, 2011

I wrote this blog post about 4 months ago. I meant to post it and given the recent assassinations in Tucson, it seems more important to talk about what part words play in this terrible event. The media will twist it to mental health, gun control and other issues. What no one will want to […]

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Glenn Beck – A Religious Call – A Way to Use People and Scare White People!

August 30, 2010

I have to give Glenn Beck credit. He uses people’s fears of muslims, aliens, and everything else that is not white, apple pie or gives the illusion of white power. No one seems to take him on. Why? There is so much to challenge! He talks about the president’s religion. Well, he’s mormon. Mormons have […]

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Dr Laura and Sarah Palin Reveal Their Racism, Again!

August 20, 2010

Racism again? Sarah knows all! For someone who never finished college and doesn’t read, it’s always interesting to listen to Ms. Palin. Her defense of Dr. Laura (who I do know from many years ago) with regard to using the word “nigger” is disgusting. Here we are again, two white women who think they know […]

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A good man is going to die tomorrow!

April 30, 2010

I got a call today from a twenty year old guy who I have been working with for about a year. He came to me by way of a man I had seen a couple of years ago. His name is Tony. Tony is a 78 year old white man, who had been a millionaire […]

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Words that offend? Let start with “Redskins”.

February 4, 2010

If we want to start talking about offensive words and word that have profound impact, let’s start with “Redskins.” The word Redskin comes from the dehumanizing of American Indians during the days of conquest. Assuming that the white man is the “perfect” color, he used the word Redskin to separate himself from the what he […]

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